Mormons and Gays Blogs

Blogs of Active Mormons who are also Gay or Same-Gender Attracted


Josh Weed of came out in June of 2012. That changed my husband and I’s life forever. I knew my husband was SSA but it didn’t mean anything to me. He had tried to bury all those feelings and that part of himself for more than 2 decades. My husband was emotionally done burying all of it and reading Josh Weed’s coming out post I finally understood. Since then my husband and I have grown together in the acceptance of this and continue to desire to live the life we have chosen. In the early days we felt very alone in this and in trying to find others in our situation.  I went searching for blogs. I couldn’t find any except Josh’s and one other guys that I already knew about. The blogs I found were of those that had chosen the typical lifestyle either outright or after a time had decided to. The majority had left the church or left their families or both. I have since found others like us but it took a while. As I talked with other people we had the same frustrations; we needed to easily find blogs of those out there with SSA that are still striving to live more traditional values. We needed a place to collect and share those, to give people hope. This blogroll is a result of that need.

My hope that you can find the peace and hope that you need no matter what life has handed you.