Mormons and Gays Blogs

Blogs of Active Mormons who are also Gay or Same-Gender Attracted

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This blogroll is for those that are SSA Mormons (or those of other faiths) who are striving to live the teachings of the gospel. These blogs are of those trying to not live the typical gay lifestyle but one in harmony with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints . There are also blogs of SSA people that are striving to also live more traditional values that belong to various other faiths.

If you have a blog that is related and would like to be listed please contact us and we can add you.

We want this to be a blog roll that fits the description above. We want a place that people can go and read about those that are striving to live the gospel and have traditional values despite being same-sex attracted. There are other blogrolls out there but none that list just those that are not choosing the typical lifestyle.


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